The SkiTips concept of teaching yourself to ski using modern media was pioneered over many years by Martin Heckelman (mheckelman@aol.com), the well-respected international Ski Instructor and writer, to transport his talents and wealth of experience to the broader public through books, videos and DVDs. Over the last five years, working together with Red Team Productions, that concept has been taken to an entirely new level with the SkiTips Apps Series and more recently with two eBooks. The Series now covers every style of skiing including Ski Touring and Telemark skiing as well as Snowboarding with Olympic Medalist Mathieu Bozzetto. Starting with the solid foundation of Martin’s well tried and tested methods, we’ve been able to integrate text, video and audio into a clean, portable and interactive structure – a truly multi-media product. Your “Instructor in your Pocket!”

To contact Martin Heckelman: mheckelman@aol.com

Video Clip: How to use the Apps

The Ski Tips Apps series has been designed to help everyone improve their skiing or boarding, whether they are first time novices or “powder hounds” wanting to learn how to tackle difficult snow conditions. Starting with the fundamentals, each step builds upon the previous steps so that you confidently and quickly move on to more and more advanced techniques and maneuvers. While the exercises and maneuvers presented are the same ones you should find in any good ski or snowboard school, what makes Ski Tips unique and successful is the way it simplifies the learning process and its focus on establishing absolutely solid core skills. All the instructional Apps have been designed so that they can be used as both a self teaching aide and as a supplement to lessons. If you are having lessons, we recommend that you watch the App before your lessons and then use the App afterwards to practice what you were taught during your lessons. The App also works very well when used with a friend to help correct each others faults.

There are currently six Apps in the SkiTips Apps series:

SkiTips for 1st Timers is an introductory level App which helps the complete Newbie to the mountains prepare for and plan their first Boarding or Skiing vacation. It gives you a great overview of everything you should expect from your trip and how to go about getting your equipment and then getting taught.

SkiTips 1, 2 and 3 cover all levels of ‘Alpine’ skiing from beginner to intermediate and right through to off-piste expert and back country touring.

Telemark Tips is intended for those skiers looking to move into the elegant world of “free- heel” skiing. It provides a complete course to take you from Newbie right through to Expert.

Snowboard Tips designed and presented by Mathieu Bozzetto, one of the greatest competitive snowboarders to ever grace the slopes, is a completely comprehensive course on how to Snowboard. The App is intended fro every level of Boarder from absolute beginner right through to expert.

Each App contains 20 to 30 individual lessons presented in Video, audio and text format.

The two new eBooks are the first ever ski teaching eBooks with full video instruction.

“Learn to Ski” is targeted at skiers of every age and level who are looking to improve their technique, to consolidate their ski school lessons or for those who are starting out as absolute beginners. The eBook is divided into five Sections, each section building on the previous one, so no matter what the Reader’s level of expertise, there’s a place to dive in and get working! Starting with the basics it covers every skiing skill up to tackling the steepest runs, including how to ski moguls and ice.

Most of the lessons and techniques are illustrated with Video Clips, which can be played full-screen, and the book includes 83 individual Videos.

“Powder & Off-Piste Skiing” will teach you how to ski all types of off-piste snow conditions. It’s been organised as a comprehensive and progressive course in five sections, beginning with the basic down-up-down Powder Turn.
Section 2 teaches all of the advanced techniques and turns that you’re going to need to handle the many different and difficult snow conditions that you’ll likely encounter. Section 3 presents a number of fun exercises to perfect your technique and rhythm.
Section 4 introduces you to the ever more popular sport of Ski Touring and how to use all the specialist kit you’re going to need.
And then Section 5 looks at the all-important aspect of mountain safety and especially how to read the mountains and how to minimise risks when venturing far away from the patrolled ski areas.

The eBooks are available immediately on Apple’s iBook store so will play on any Apple device such as the iPad, Apple Computers or iPhones and will shortly be available on the Google, Nook and Amazon platforms.

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