Category - First Timers

The Videos in this Category have been drawn from the App “SkiTips for 1st Timers” and the eBook “Learn to Ski”. They are aimed at anyone planning a first Winter Sports trip and give a comprehensive insight into what you can expect and what to plan for your first skiing or boarding vacation.

Back Packs Video

Back Packs

It’s a good idea to wear a small backpack to stow extra gear in case the weather changes for the worst during the day. It’s also a good place to put...

Skis and Poles Video

Skis and Poles

Skis come in many sizes and shapes, and different combinations of length, flexibility and curvature are used to create specialist skis for different...

Go Walkabout! Video

Go Walkabout!

Having these long and solid planks attached to the end of your legs is a very strange sensation at first, so this exercise is a really good way to...

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