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In this ‘Category’ of our Site we present 25 Video Tutorials on how to Snowboard. The lessons are taken from the ‘Snowboard Tips’ App by Olympic Medalist Mathieu Bozzetto available from the AppStore for the iPhone and iPad. The lessons provide a comprehensive course from beginners right through to expert riding and off-piste techniques. The App comes with 4 languages – French, English, German and Italian.

Regular or Goofy? Video

Regular or Goofy?

Before you can even think about grabbing a board and heading for the slopes, you have to figure out your basic riding position – in a similar...

The Snowboard Video

The Snowboard

The specific elements of Snowboarding kit are the board, the binding and the boots. Both boards and boots vary in size and flexibility depending on...

Gliding Video


The first step is to discover the gliding sensation of the Board. Standing astride one of the bindings on the board, you will start by making...

First Run Video

First Run

Now we’re ready for the 1st run on your board. This exercise is all about basic balance and on keeping pressure on the leading, front leg...

Traversing Video


The Traverse exercise starts to get you some mobility on the slopes. It helps you facilitate the sliding movement, while ensuring that you control...

Falling Leaf Video

Falling Leaf

The Falling Leaf exercise is especially useful for descending slopes which may be above your ability level and in any case is a useful training...

Long Turns Video

Long Turns

The Long Turn exercise is the first step in getting real mobility on your board. Large turns give you time to adjust balance and speed as well as let...

Garland Turns Video

Garland Turns

The ‘Garland’ describes a series of half-turns inter-linked by Traverses. This exercise is important in helping you to develop the finish...

Short Turns Video

Short Turns

“Short Turns” give you less time to stabilise your speed and get prepared for the next turn. However, these small turns are the first...

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