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In this ‘Category’ of our Site we present 25 Video Tutorials on how to Snowboard. The lessons are taken from the ‘Snowboard Tips’ App by Olympic Medalist Mathieu Bozzetto available from the AppStore for the iPhone and iPad. The lessons provide a comprehensive course from beginners right through to expert riding and off-piste techniques. The App comes with 4 languages – French, English, German and Italian.

Side Slipping Video

Side Slipping

Side slipping is a manoeuvre used by all snowboarders, not only when riding, but as they approach an obstacle or an area where they have to stop as...

Braking Video


“Braking” is a term to describe an action, planned or unplanned, that slows your board down quickly. The goal is for your board to stop...

Skating Video


Skating is a movement that snowboarders regularly use on flat terrain to avoid having to walk and carry the board. It’s what one does, for...

Button Lifts Video

Button Lifts

Button lifts or ‘Poma’ lifts are a kind of surface lift that present particular challenges to Snowboarders. Although this type of lift is...

180 Slide Video

180 Slide

The 180° slide is one of the core techniques that any boarder will have to master if they are to progress to more advanced riding. It forms an...

Speed Check Video

Speed Check

The Speed Check is a technique that you must master before attempting any of the higher speed or steeper manoeuvres. This technique is used by all...

Ollies Video


The ‘Ollie’ is a manoeuvre that comes from Skateboarding. While this is often used in Snowboarding to jump obstacles and in emergency...

Riding in Switch Video

Riding in Switch

Riding in Switch is slightly difficult to learn, but it will greatly enhance your fun on a board. There are many reasons to glide backwards, but...

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