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In this ‘Category’ of our Site we present 25 Video Tutorials on how to Snowboard. The lessons are taken from the ‘Snowboard Tips’ App by Olympic Medalist Mathieu Bozzetto available from the AppStore for the iPhone and iPad. The lessons provide a comprehensive course from beginners right through to expert riding and off-piste techniques. The App comes with 4 languages – French, English, German and Italian.

Easy Jumps Video

Easy Jumps

Riding on the runs is fun but you’ll enjoy yourself even more when you learn to jump. Easy jumps are the foundation of Freestyle snowboarding...

Riding in Powder Video

Riding in Powder

‘Powder’ is where your board functions the best. When you ride in powder you’ll obtain top performance from your board as the board...

Carving Video


The Carving turn can only be done at higher speeds or on steeper slopes and requires rather more force and flexion than you will have used to date...

Boardercross Video


Riding a Boardercross at higher speeds requires you to focus on a number of important points, especially anticipation and reading the terrain as well...

Steep Riding Video

Steep Riding

Making turns on steep slopes is not very easy on a snowboard. It takes enormous amounts of determination and commitment. The steepness of the slope...

Steep and Deep Video

Steep and Deep

Riding powder in all its possible conditions is mostly about your front leg. You’ll learn to keep your front leg solid, yet supple...

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