December 11, 2017

Val village Dec11, 2017

Val village Dec11, 2017 Looking good!

Postcard from Val
Dec 11, 2017

If you want to have a fabulous ski week and can get to Val for Christmas get your booking in now. There is no longer any doubt about a lack of snow! As you can see in the photo above of the old Val village LOTS of snow has fallen and more is forecast to fall during this week. Val now has over a metre on the lower slopes (108cm) and 165cm up high. Another 60cm is predicted by Saturday! Hopefully the high winds will not blow too much of the new snow off the exposed upper slopes (the Fornet glacier was in poor shape prior to this big snowfall) but the lower and mid mountain slopes are superb and should remain superb through Christmas.

Tip of the week

Don’t head to the black run (or even a red run) on your first morning of skiing, even if you skied those runs well last season. Ease into the skiing by starting on green and blue runs. While skiing is like riding a bike whereby you can just get back on the skis and ski after a number of months away from the sport, unlike riding a bike (which is relatively stress-less), you will be using muscles that you probably haven’t used since you packed away your skis. It’s best to warm up and retone those muscles on your first morning back on the slopes by skiing slowly on easy runs. I always spend the first couple of hours by quickly running through the exercises that are on my SkiTips 1 app (see below).
I start out walking about on a flat area, then skate left and right followed by making some kick turns. I then get on a slope and traverse and sideslip back and forth, then make medium-radius turns by using just foot roll, then turn adding pressure to the edges. I next make some turns with exaggerated down-up-down unweighting and then look for some moguls to turn over and around. By this time I’m usually feeling good on my skis again and so after lunch I cruise the easy runs on the mountain to re-enjoy that wonderful feeling of the skis gliding over the snow. After that ………………………!

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