December 27, 2017

Xmas in Val
Xmas in Val

Xmas Dec 2017

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all my friends and all the friends of ‘Ski Tips’!!
I wish everyone good health, prosperity and much happiness in the New Year 2018.

It has been wonderful skiing during this Christmas week with sun, blue skies, packed powder pistes, good powder off-piste and warm temperatures. But now the weather is changing as a number of fronts are passing through bringing snow! and colder temperatures. We are hoping that the snow falls without violent winds so that the skiing on the Fornet glacier becomes good again. (The earlier storms blew much of the snow off the runs). Val could get another 50-60cms (20-25” ) of snow before the sun reappears!! The photo above is Val’s main street celebrating X-mas.

Tip of the week
Use your ski poles when walking!

The streets in Val are like an ice skating rink and many people are falling and getting injured. (This happens because the warm weather melts the snow during the day and the snow freezes overnight.) To help avoid falling use your ski poles as you are walking. This is especially important when you are wearing ski boots and carrying your skis.
Caveat: Hopefully it will snow enough in town to cover the ice so walking will be safe for a while until the snow melts.

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