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Rockers, carving skis, cross skis, reverse camber skis: that is the new language of alpine skiing. The ‘Ski Tips’ DVD’s and ‘The New Guide to Skiing’ book are your tickets to mastering the incredible art of skiing, covering every conceivable aspect of the sport, from day one to powder.

The ‘Ski Tips’ DVD’s that are described in detail below are the most comprehensive ski instruction series ever made!
There are five DVD’s in the series. Each DVD runs approximately one hour and is a complete program of instruction and skiing tips for the topic covered.

The New Guide to Skiing – Martin Heckelman

book_guide_to_skiingThe New Guide to Skiing book has over 350 specially commissioned color photographs showing, move-by-move, how to turn and how to maintain control under all conditions, and with its clear text, this is the guide for a new generation of alpine skiers.

Featuring more than 80 unique stop action photographic sequences, The New Guide shows how to ski with greater ease, precision and control while obtaining optimum performance from shaped skis.

Based on the newest and least stressful methods, it demonstrates how to properly ski on & off the trails and ski in deep powder, and it illustrates 11 specific turns that can be used to master difficult conditions, including ice, bumps and ‘crud’.

All the ski manoeuvres and techniques demonstrated in the book can be seen in action on the ‘Ski Tips’ DVD’s.

The DVD’s can be purchased directly from this site. The book can be purchased on the internet from both barnsandnoble.com and amazon.com and in all good book stores.

Retail Price: $21.95 USA $30.99 CAN

Publishers W. W. Norton, New York, London wwnorton.com


SkiTips 1 DVD – Ski Parallel

ST1 DVD Thumb2“Ski Parallel” is for everyone, from first time beginners to advanced intermediates. With easy to understand instruction it progresses from the very basics up through parallel turns.

Using slow motion, freeze frames, computer graphics and clear demonstrations, “Ski Parallel” explains why and how skis turn and presents easy exercises that help you advance quickly to make good, controlled parallel turns.

In addition to showing the correct way to perform all the skiing manoeuvres it also demonstrates how to avoid the common errors.


  • Boots, Skis & bindings
  • Carrying skis
  • Putting on skis
  • Holding ski poles
  • Riding ski lifts
  • Basic body position
  • Basic exercises
  • Star turn
  • Sidestepping
  • Herringbone climbing
  • Getting up from a fall
  • Wedge
  • Wedge turns
  • Traverse
  • Stepping to a stop
  • Sideslipping
  • Diagonal slidesliding
  • Kickturning
  • Skating
  • Ends of Turns
  • Planting Ski Poles
  • Hockey Stop
  • Tuck position
  • Stem turns
  • Parallel turns
  • Weight transfer exercise
  • Skiing ice

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SkiTips 2 DVD – Ski Beyond Parallel

ST2 DVD ThumbThis is the program that every intermediate and advanced skier wanting to improve should have.

With easy to follow slow motion sequences and freeze frames, “Ski Beyond Parallel” teaches all the intermediate and advanced techniques that make skiing steeper runs and moguls easier and safer, including shortswing turns, absorption, counter turns and anticipation.

It also teaches jumping, fast mogul skiing and recreational racing. “Ski Beyond Parallel” clearly explains and demonstrates the correct way to perform each manoeuvre and how to avoid the common errors.


  • Jump turns
  • Shortswing turns
  • Counter turns
  • Avalement (absorption)
  • Jet turns
  • Wedelning
  • Anticipation
  • Banking
  • Steep slope turns
  • Falling correctly
  • Down-unweighting
  • Simple Acrobatics
  • Aerials and Mogul jumping
  • Hotdogging
  • Racing turns
  • Recreational racing

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SkiTips 3 DVD – Ski Powder

ST 3 DVD ThumbThis program is a must for anyone wanting to learn the “secrets” of skiing powder and difficult untracked snow. Using freeze frames and slow motion it demonstrates a simple series of skiing exercises which teaches you to turn with control in powder.

In addition you will learn how to ski many types of snow conditions using the jump turn, jet turn and more. The correct ways to perform these turns in powder are explained as well as the common errors to be avoided.


  • Powder position
  • Traversing
  • Ends of turns
  • Parallel turns on packed snow
  • Parallel turns in powder
  • Punching
  • Anticipation
  • Banking
  • Jet turns (tree skiing)
  • Jump turns (breakable crust)
  • Counter turns
  • Stem turns
  • Modified avalement (white conditions)
  • Wet snow
  • Gullies

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SkiTips 4 DVD – Ski Bumps

ST4 DVD Thumb2At last! A video that teaches you how to ski all the different types of moguls skiers often encounter.

Part one shows you techniques to ski normal, slushy, chopped off and large steep, icy moguls safely.

Part two shows you how to ski the bumps like the experts.

Learn to start your turns easily, finish your turns safely, slow down, regain control and “hotdog” the bumps.

In addition, there are some helpful fitness tips to keep you in shape for the moguls.

It’s all explained in clear, understandable terms using modern graphics, slow motion images and freeze frames to illustrate the key points.


Part One: Skiing Moguls Safely

  • What are moguls?
  • Fitness training
  • Overcoming fear
  • Turning over moguls
  • Turning around moguls
  • Stem turns for moguls
  • Starting turns easily
  • Foot swivelling
  • Isolated body movements
  • Common faults
  • Controlled turns
  • Icy moguls
  • Slush bumps
  • Chopped off moguls
  • Safety tips

Part Two: Skiing Moguls Like The Experts

  • Absorbing moguls
  • Quick turns
  • Pole planting
  • Choosing ski lines
  • Independent leg action
  • Recovering balance
  • Regaining control
  • Rhythm

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SkiTips 5 DVD- Ski Carving

ST5 DVD ThumbSimple, easy to perform, ski manoeuvres are demonstrated, along with numerous skiing tips, which will teach you the new way of initiating turns. These are the same latest techniques used by ski racers for skiing in control at all speeds in all snow conditions.

All level skiers should benefit from this program:

Lower level skiers are taught how to confidently carve turns as the experts do.

Intermediates learn how to improve their stability and body stance and ski without strenuous up-down unweighting movements.

Experts are shown how to “ride” the shaped skis like snowboards to carve fast, high-energy fun turns.

All skiers are shown how to use the shaped skis to carve turns on groomed runs, on ice, slush, steep slopes, bumps and powder.

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