February 3, 2018

Wonderful music in church
Wonderful music in church


This has been a very good week to ski during the day and then enjoy wonderful classical music at the church in the early evening. This was the first of 2 classical concert weeks that Val hosts every year and well worth attending – the other will be held March 12 – 15.

Below is a video taken yesterday by Andreas Bjorklund showing how wonderful the powder skiing currently is in Val. The temperatures dropped Wednesday night as the wind blew from the northeast. It then snowed all day Thursday, depositing some 15 cm (6″) of cold, dry powder! – the lightest and driest snow that has fallen this winter- making for some amazing enjoyable powder skiing. The cold spell is expected to last all week before the wind shifts bringing slightly more comfortable weather. (More snow is forecast on Monday!!)

Tip of the week:

When skiing in 15cm of light, dry powder you don’t need to exaggerate the down/up extension to initiate a turn. Simply place your body in a ‘powder position’ (with your hips over your heels, rather then over the middle of your feet) so that the tips of your skis don’t ‘nosedive’ into the snow as you turn, keep your weight spread evenly over both feet and make the same type of smooth turn that you do on a packed piste.

It’s very important whenever you ski in powder to hold your arms spread wide and high (between your hip & armpit level) and in front of the body.


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