February 5, 2019

Feb 4, 2019 SolISE VIEWS 2

Feb 4, 2019 SolISE VIEWS 2Solaise ski area in perfect condition. Packed powder pistes and excellent powder between the pistes

February 5, 2019

Fab powder, possibly the best powder day of the season!

What a difference a day makes! While the snow on the pistes and the powder off-piste was excellent, the visibility Sunday was dreadful everywhere on the mountain – even poor on the lower runs at La Daille. When we woke Monday the sun was shining and the sky was a brilliant shade of blue. The cold spell hadn’t abated as it was -14 degrees C (7 degrees F) at the bottom of the mountain and colder up high. That kept the powder cold and dry. As the viz was so bad on Sunday skiers didn’t venture off-piste to ski the untracked snow so on Monday it was all there for the taking. And was it devine!
The photo above was taken from the top station of the Solaise cabin lift showing the magnificent view of the Solaise area. There is so much perfect skiing ready to be enjoyed.
The cold spell has finally left us and the afternoon temperatures have gone positive. What a joy. Fortunately there was a cool breeze blowing up high which kept the surface of the powder cold so even in the afternoon the powder was delightful. People were skiing fresh tracks just to the side of the Glacier chair in 16 inches of super light powder (40 cm), and friends skiing on the ‘Paye Desert’ had knee deep snow. Today was another lovely day with sun and warm temperatures with snow still on the tree branches. The entire village looks like a Christmas card come to life.

Ski Tip of the week

Learn ‘mountain awareness’ if you intend to ski off-piste.

While most skiers had a grand time skiing fresh, light powder on the ‘side piste’ and ‘off-piste’ yesterday, others didn’t have such a great time as they were caught in avalanches and slides. One avalanche took out 2 skiers on the ‘Super Arcelle’, behind the Col de Madeleine, buring one, (photo below shows pisteurs (ski patrol) during the rescue); some skiers were knocked about by fresh snow slides in the Vallonets and an avalanche occurred by the Marmottons as well as in the ‘Coves’ which resulted in a snow boarder being rescued and taken to the medical facility.
Fortunately and happily everyone survived thanks to the talent and efficiency of the ski patrol rescue teams.

avalanche 2,4,2019

There is a section on ‘Mountain Awareness’ in the ‘Ski Tips 3′ App and an entire chapter in my eBook: ‘Powder and Off-Piste Skiing’, which can be downloaded at the Apple eBook store.


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