How to get up from a fall

Every skier falls and fortunately, very few falls result in an injury. But when you
fall, You have to get back up, which, when done incorrectly, can be tiring and
frustrating. Getting up correctly without taking off your skis is actually quite easy,
especially on a slope. With a little practice it will become a habit and you should find
it not difficult at all.

When you are about to fall, if possible, try to fall sideways with your skis parallel to
each other. Of course, there will be times when you fall and end up splayed across the
snow with arms and legs pointing in every direction. If your skis have not released,
untangle yourself and maneuver around so you are sitting with your body uphill of your
skis and your skis across the fall-line. Try to move your hips as far forward as

‘Ready Position’
Step one is to bend your knees and bring them close to chest. Remove your hands from
the pole straps and place both skipoles in front of your chest with the tips in the snow
next to your uphill thigh, just above the knee. Now place one hand on top of the ski pole
grips and the other hand on the poles just above the baskets – or, if the snow is firm you
can put your hand on the snow at your uphill side.

Getting up from a fall
‘Ready Position’ before standing up

This is the “ready” position as in ready to launch. The trick to getting up effortlessly
from the ‘ready’ position is to lean your chest forward toward the fronts of your skis
through the entire movement. Now, in one fluid movement push yourself upward with the
bottom hand while pressing down with your other hand on the top of the poles. Remember,
the secret – keep leaning your torso forward as this makes it much easier to push up.
As you start to stand up, make sure your ski edges bite into the snow so that your skis
don’t start to slide away as you lean on them.


  • Should your skis come off during the fall, collect them, check that the bindings are
    open, place the skis perpendicular to the fall-line and stand alongside them. Using your
    skipoles for support, step into the binding of your lower (downhill) ski and then,
    standing with your weight on this lower ski, step into the binding of your upper
    (uphill) ski. If you are on an incline, be sure to roll your lower ski on to its uphill
    edge before stepping on to the uphill ski so that you don’t slide down the incline.
  • If you find it too difficult getting up with your skis attached, it may prove less
    tiring to remove your skis by opening the bindings while you are on the ground, stand up
    and then follow the procedure described in the tip above.
  • Due to gravity, it is much easier to get up while on a hill than on the flat. The key
    points to remember when on a hill is that the skis must be below you, perpendicular to
    the fall-line (i.e., across the hill), lean your torso forward the entire time, and when
    you start to roll up keep your skis edged so they grip in the snow.
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