How to make the Telemark ‘Aggressive Turn’

Once you can link Telemark turns on intermediate runs using the classic Telemark turning
technique, you should be able to move on to the next level and ski short-radius linked
turns at higher speeds and on steeper runs. The turn that will enable you to ski in
complete control when doing so is the ‘Aggressive Turn’.

Unlike the classic turn, when skiing the ‘Aggressive Turn’, you don’t rise up and
totally straighten your legs, using flexion/exension, as you turn. Your hips remain at
the same level at all times. You only extend your legs naturally as you push the front
leg forward during the lead change. It’s important to keep your body compact, with your
center of gravity much lower at all stages of the turn.

Telemark 'Aggressive Turns'
Hips should remain at the same level at all times

How to make ‘Aggressive Telemark’ Turns

Start out practicing on an easy slope. Begin skiing on a steep traverse in a good, low
Telemark position. When you are ready to make your first turn, start to flatten your
skis and push your rear foot forward without fully straightening your leg and pivot the
skis. Try to keep your hips locked at the same level. As you complete the turn,
immediately flatten the skis and thrust the other rear leg forward and make another
turn. Continue repeating these same actions, linking the turns so that the end of one
turn is the start of the next one.

Though one can ski medium or large radius Aggressive Turns, one usually skis short-
radius turns, linking one turn into the next in a smooth, fluid motion. During the turns
always keep your chest facing down the fall-line and your upper body still, so that your
legs will work independent of your upper body. Hold you arms out in front of you, spread
apart to help maintain your stability. You can ski these turns with or without planting
your skipoles. If you plant your skipoles, coordinate the pole plants with the movement
of the skis so that you move your outside skipole forward as the outside ski moves


  • You can ski Aggressive Turns by pivoting the skis or carving the skis. When Carving, you
    ride the skis edge through the turn and push off from one ski edge on to the other ski
    edge as you turn the skis so that there is no slipping during the turn.
  • Remember to keep your upper body still and facing down the fall-line.
  • Push from ski to ski quicker than you do during the classsic Telemark turn.
  • During the turn the hips should lead and pass over the knees.
  • Try to not jerk the skis around as you turn; rather try to make the turns round and
  • The steeper the slope the more you need to edge the skis in order to not pick up too
    much speed.
  • It helps to maintain a steady rhythm so that the turns flow smoothly and gracefully from
    one to the next.
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