January 1, 2019

Best wishes for the New Year
Best wishes for the New Year
Best wishes for the New Year
Best wishes for the New Year


What a nice way to start out my 1st postcard of the new year. That’s the French word to describe the ‘magnificent’ snow and weather conditions we are having.

I send all of you my sincerest BEST WISHES for the new year 2020. I hope it proves to be a year filled with only good things happening in your life and the lives of those you hold dear.

About the wonderful conditions here: There is 125cm (4+ feet) of snow on the lower slopes and 265cm (8+ feet) on the upper slopes. The surfaces are packed powder and almost all runs are packed overnight by the snowcats making for superb skiing. A few runs are not packed and left natural for those skiers wanting to ski moguls. And the temperatures are almost spring-like with above freezing temperatures in town (it got up to +6 degrees C (43 degrees F) yesterday) and just below freezing temperatures on the mountain, keeping the snow dry. That means skiers are able to ski without turning on their heated gloves or boots! I actually am skiing with one fleece layer less than usual – which normally doesn’t happen until April. For those skiers wanting to ski powder the cool temperatures up high have kept the powder that fell last week dry and light making for some very enjoyable powder descents. The photo below shows a powder track made by Wayne Watson’s Alpine Experience group yesterday.

There is one big negative about Val and that is ‘the streets’ which are snow covered and very slippery. I know 2 people who have slipped and gotten injured this week (shoulder and wrist) and many others sadly have hurt themselves. It is a poor policy to not clear the snow off the streets and does not add to Val’s good image.

This is one of the busiest weeks of the season so the slopes get busy at times but almost all the runs are open which disperses the skiers. So that, and knowing where to go, when, one can still ski runs with very few skiers. Next week the ‘hordes’ leave as most kids go back to school so the slopes will become uncrowded. That is a great time to be here. So, if you can, come to Val for some great skiing! The weather forecast, as can be seen in the image below, for all of next week is more of the same glorious weather!!

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