January 16, 2018

Jan 16,2018 Val

Lots of snow in town - Very pretty

How quickly conditions in a mountain town can change! Yesterday the sky was blue and the sun was blazing. The photo of one of the streets in Val was taken a few minutes ago. Yes, it is snowing yet again! After over 2 meters of snow fell on the mountain the sky finally cleared and Val had 3 days of glorious skiing. The powder was generally windblown and heavy but if you knew where to go you could find good powder to etch your signature turns. But the groomed pistes anywhere on the mountain were superb! 10 out of 10. We are forecast to get over a meter of snow in the next 2 days and then one day of sun before another snowstorm hits us on Friday. Saturday could be another horror getting here as possible avalanches across the roads up from Bourg could cause delays. Fortunately the road maintenance is excellent so you may arrive later than you planned but you will arrive. And next week is forecast to be cool and sunny. How nice!

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