January 21, 2018

Val 1,20,2018 Pacific Bar

 Entry to Pacific Bar

January this year should be called ‘Snowuary’ as it just keeps on snowing! We have had a few days of reprieve, and those days were glorious on the mountain, but for the most part January has been a tough month for skiing as the winds have been violent and the visibility during the storms has been very poor. Walking around town is quite novel as we walk in valleys between massive walls of snow. The photo above shows the entrance to the Pacific bar. It is a challenge just to negotiate the entryway. But we are being promised by the meteo people that the storms will finally end on Monday and from Tuesday onward we will have sunshine!! (But for a very short snowfall on Friday). Of course all this snow has made an incredibly deep base so anyone coming to Val in April or May will not need to worry about a lack of snow!! And once the snow settles and stabilizes there should be fabulous off-piste skiing in all the many snow bowls that abound in Val and Tignes.

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