January 21, 2019

Jan 18, 2019 Andreas Bj.

January 21, 2019

Simply marvelous

I suppose it is possible to be better than it is here now but conditions are simply marvelous as just about every ski run is open and has packed powder surfaces (the 3 runs that are closed are insignificant as they run parallel to other runs that are open. They are closed because they are the 3 lower mountain runs that don’t have snow cannons and thus rely on a lot of natural snow to cover the rocky ground). We’ve had a snowstorm on Sunday and Monday and again on Thursday. Fortunately Thursdays’ snowfall came without much wind so the 10-15 cm (4-6”) of powder that fell was light and fluffy, as can be seen in the photo, taken by Andreas Bjorklund of the Alpine Experience ski school. The other photo is a splendid view of the Mont Blanc and the surrounding mountains that we see from Val. Though we are in France, we are actually seeing it from the ‘Italian’ side as we are overlooking the border with Italy. Chamonix, which offers the french view, is on the Northern side. In future posts I’ll post more of the stunning views that abound us.

Mt Blanc 1,18,2019

Ski Tip of the week

Buy good goggles

One of your best investments for skiing is a pair of ‘good’ goggles. The reason for this is that when conditions such as falling snow, wind, fog or flat light require you to put on a pair of goggles you do NOT want your goggles to fog up! ‘Good’ goggles don’t fog (if they do return them). These goggles have air vents and 2 lenses bonded together that are designed to not fog up. (Some companies make goggles with a fan to circulate the air to prevent them fogging.) The double lens goggles are more expensive than single lens goggles but the extra cost is well worth it when your safety depends on it. Check that the goggles are also anti-glare and have a high UV protection. Try to find a pair that comes with replaceable lenses as lenses can easily scratch so it would be good to be able to replace them. If you wear glasses you can purchase goggles that fit over your glasses. In that case try to purchase goggles that have a green lens for sunny conditions and a yellow lens that you can replace for flat light. As a final ‘tip’, I would advise to always keep your goggles in a soft sleeve or case when not using them to help prevent them from scratching – and be careful when you are wearing them when ‘cheek kissing’ as we do in France!

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