March 16, 2017

Early morning fab off-piste 'spring snow' skiing
Early morning fab off-piste 'spring snow' skiing
Early morning fab  'spring snow' skiing
Early morning fab off-piste ‘spring snow’ skiing

The heat wave returned

After one day of normal March temperatures the heat wave returned and this week has been more like late April skiing. I’ve heard people on the mountain complain about how hot ii is. Not me!! I love these temperatures as the heat and sun are ‘baking’ the off-piste slopes. The difference this week from last week is that the overnight temperatures are dropping below freezing which is ‘transforming’ those baked off-piste slopes into fabulous ‘spring snow’ conditions. I enjoy skiing ‘spring snow’ so much I’m not sure which I like better, ‘spring snow’ or ‘powder’. When you catch it right, shortly after the surface has started melting (before it melts too much), skiing on those slopes is like skiing on velvet and making turns is very easy. One can ski on very steep slopes as your skis have such a good grip in the surface snow. The photo above is another one of Andreas skiing a steep off-piste slope with his clients, this time on superb ‘spring snow’. You can see the smooth tracks being etched in the wonderful snow.
I’m not worried about the heat melting too much snow as the forecast for next week is for more snow!

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