March 27, 2017

A winter wonderland
From summer to winter in one day! After almost 2 weeks of summer type weather, 70 cm (approx. 2 ½ feet ) of snow fell overnight on the Fornet glacier and 50-60 cm (20 – 24”) fell on all the other slopes. So once again the smiles were back on the faces of the ‘powder hounds’. It also replenished the snow on the pistes that was lost during the heat wave. Unfortunately, the snow that fell was quite wet and heavy which made it difficult to ski unless you skied on the highest north facing slopes, many of which were closed because of avalanche danger, It was definitely a day for the ‘wide skis’ !
Today the sun is blazing, the sky is bright blue and afternoon temperatures are expected to be quite high, which means if we get an overnight freeze there should be brilliant ‘spring snow’ off-piste tomorrow. The rest of this week is forecast to be like today so the off-piste should get better and better.

Skitip of the week:
Rent a pair of ‘wide skis’ when you plan to ski deep or heavy powder as it will make your day much more enjoyable. How to ski powder on ‘wide skis’ is explained & demonstrated in the ‘SkiTips3′ App & the ebook: ‘Powder & Off-Piste Skiing’.

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