May 1, 2017

Late April powder skiing in Val
Late April powder skiing in Val

Postcard from Val

Great end to season

Late April powder skiing in Val
Late April powder skiing in Val

May 1st seemed more like January 1st.
It snowed overnight and most of the day depositing snow in town and over a foot of snow (30 cm) in places on the slopes. What a fabulous day of powder skiing I had shared with 3 friends. The runs were full of snow but bare of people as the snowy weather, low clouds and strong winds discouraged skiers from venturing out on their last day.
After over a month of warm weather and wonderful ‘spring snow’ conditions on and off-piste the temperatures dropped well below freezing and thus the snow that fell during the 2 snowfalls that we had this past week was cold and light. My 3 friends agreed with me that we probably made the most powder turns in some of the best powder during this last week of the season. Above is a photo taken by Dan Egan on April 26th. Check out his Facebook page to see other wonderful powder shots of his group enjoying late April skiing in Val.
So now Val has closed it’s ski lifts. But the mountains are there, covered in snow, waiting to delight those hearty skiers who have the desire and energy to ‘skin’ up to the summits. For those less hearty who still want to ski, Tignes keeps many of their ski lifts running for another week.

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