November 30, 2017

Lovely powder skiing on opening wwekend
Lovely powder skiing on opening wwekend

Lovely Powder Skiing on opening weekend

As promised, Val had a great opening weekend. The snow conditions were wonderful as can be seen in the youtube video below) – and if you knew where to go the powder skiing was superb. The photo above taken by Andreas Bjorklund of Alpine Experience should make everyone not there jealous! (Those guys always seem to find the best powder around). More snow fell today and it should snow a bit more Friday and Saturday, followed by a week of sunshine. So, if you can, get yourself to Val for some very good skiing, in good weather conditions on uncrowded slopes. Wow; sounds too good to be true! But trust me, it is!

Tip of the week

Get into shape before you head out on your ski vacation! Being in good cardio-vascular shape will help you ski for longer periods without getting tired (thus giving you more thrills for your money) and having toned and strengthened muscles will help you avoid unnecessary injuries to your body, such as pulled muscles, torn ligaments or cramps. Check out my video below for some pre-season conditioning recommendations.

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