November 5, 2019

La Daille ready for first tracks
La Daille ready for first tracks
La Daille ready for first tracks
La Daille ready for first tracks


So the snow gods have finally looked down favorably on the French Alps. Val is now white again! And not just on the glacier but EVERYWHERE, including on the lower slopes and in the village. Mid mountain has about 40 cm (16”). More good news is that the temperatures are forecast to remain below freezing and more snow is expected to fall for the next 6 days. Now isn’t that a nice ‘Pre-Christmas’ gift!

So if you have been hesitant about booking for the holidays, you’d better do so now as spaces are becoming scarce. I’ve been helping some friends who want to come for the Christmas/New Years period and I am finding very few good apartment deals. If you want to rent an apt you can contact Martine at Val Agence (+33 479061522) and she will try to accommodate you.

As I mentioned in a previous Postcard, quite a few Chalet companies have left Val as a result of the Brexit situation so there are fewer options available. The ski chalet companies, such as YSE that are still in Val, have told me they are starting to get booked up. But there still some spaces and chalets available and it is on ‘first come-first served’, so to get what you want, best to do so now.

I think I can now safely say that there will be snow in Val for Christmas/New Years!!

Val opens officially on November 30.

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