Oct 14, 2019

Pissaillas Oct 7,2019 1st snow

Pissaillas Oct 7,2019 1st snow
It’s always exciting to see the first snow falling and sticking to the slopes. The above photo was taken 7 October and was very encouraging. It looked like winter was on its way. Sadly warm weather arrived shortly afterwards and that snow melted turning the glacier brown again. But not to fret as another low pressure system is heading to Val and 40cm (16 inches) is forecast to fall mid mountain by Sunday, with possibly more higher up! So if you are planning to ski this winter in Val or elsewhere you’d better start to ‘tone up your muscles and get in shape’. Not only will you ski better but you will lessen the chance of a pulled muscle. The Skitip of the week below can be very helpful to that end. I recommend watching the video taken in the Dolphin Square gym as it shows and explains a number of easy exercises that will help you get your body in shape for skiing. Many of the exercises shown can be performed at home.

Tip of the week

Get into shape before you head out on your ski vacation! Being in good cardio-vascular shape will help you ski for longer periods without getting tired (thus giving you more thrills for your money) and having toned and strengthened muscles will help you avoid unnecessary injuries to your body, such as pulled muscles, torn ligaments or cramps. Check out my video below for some pre-season conditioning recommendations.


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