Oct 21, 2019

Annotation 2019-10-21 111837

Annotation 2019-10-21 111837

Pisaillas glacier

Well the precipitation that was forecast arrived but unfortunately the temperatures that were predicted didn’t! It was so warm that instead of snow falling on the slopes, it rained and melted and washed away the snow - even up high! As you can see in the photo of the Pisaillas glacier which was ‘white’ last week, it is now brown – and more rain is falling today. BUT once again the forecast is for snow to fall at high altitudes, rain in town and some snow falling at mid-mountain: 20 cm (8 inches) on the glacier and 12 cm (5 inches) mid-mountain between Monday and Thursday. Again, seeing is believing so check up my next posting to see IF the forecast is right. As I mentioned it is still very early and October temperatures are often above freezing so there is no reason to despair. Val doesn’t open until 30 November so we still have plenty of time! There are currently 2 strong low pressure systems in the Atlantic heading our way – (they bring wet weather) – so let’s hope the temperatures get colder and once again we see the slopes looking the way we like them: WHITE!! Stay tuned.

There is a very good, useful guide to skiing and ski safety that I can strongly recommend that I believe all skiers should check out before heading out on your ski holiday.


The guide is called “The Full WINTER SPORTS Safety Guide” and offers plenty of valuable information such as:

– Eye-opening statistics about winter sports accidents (fact: 75% of people get injured when they lose control after making a jump – e.g., photo below), as well as the average costs of getting injured on the slopes.
-Practical safety knowledge for winter sports such as understanding color/shape slope ratings, only skiing on the slope that matches your skill level and ability, and other safety tips.
-Advice and information for parents when skiing or snowboarding with children. This includes helmet and equipment safety knowledge, how to keep kids safe during activities, and what to do in case a child gets injured while skiing.
-Other useful resources and information to help keep yourself and those around you safe while out on the slopes.

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