Postcard from Val – Feb 12

Powder at altitude still light and dry
Powder at altitude still light and dry
Powder at altitude still light and dry
Powder at high altitudes still light and dry

Those who skied yesterday will long remember it as it was a perfect ski day – cloudless blue sky, packed powder runs, very comfortable temperatures, no wind and almost no one on the slopes. Unlike many ski resorts, Saturday in Val/Tignes is not busy as it is ‘changeover day’ when weekly vacationers leave and the next week’s vacationers arrive, usually, as we are so far from the airports, too late to ski. So those in the know, who are able to, try to make the most of Saturdays – and what luck to have a day like yesterday, a day before all the hordes of French, Brits, Swedes and Danes, amongst others, on school break hit the slopes starting today. This coming week is expected to be one of the busiest weeks of the season so knowing when and where to go becomes very important. The ‘Ski Tip’ for skiing during crowded weeks is to do most of your skiing at the normal lunch time (between 12 & 2:30) when the ski schools break and most families stop for lunch. So either stop for an early lunch or do what I do and stop for lunch at 2:30 – added benefit is that the restaurants are then quiet so the service will be more rapid.
Though the afternoons at lower altitudes have been warm, thanks to the cold nights the powder at the higher altitudes has remained light and dry. To find the best powder, once again it is good to know where and when to ski. Andreas, one of the top ‘Alpine Experience’ guides, seems to always know how to do that as he shows us in the photo below that he took yesterday.

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