Ski Tips 1

Ski Tips 1 is intended for all levels of skiers and especially for beginners & intermediates.

This App has been created to help you learn to ski well. It teaches all the fundamental skiing skills required to turn & control your skis. It can be used as both a self teaching aide and as a supplement to ski lessons. If you are having lessons, I recommend that you watch the App before your lessons & then use the App afterwards to practice what you were taught during your lessons.

Introduction Video

If you are a beginner or intermediate, watching the App is an excellent way to refresh & remind yourself how the different ski maneuvers should be performed or to learn how to perform the ski maneuvers that you are interested in learning. This App works very well when used with a friend to help correct each others’ faults.

SkiTips 1 includes 25 individual lessons or ‘exercises’ organised in 5 Chapters. Each Chapter progressively builds your skill level and competence so that by the end you should be capable of skiing most of the groomed runs that you’ll come across in good control, with confidence and not least with style!

When learning to ski one needs to first get a feeling for walking around with skis attached to your feet and then learn how to use the ski edges and ski shape to walk, climb, steer the skis while gliding and to stop. The exercises in the first two Chapters, “Getting Started” and “Essential Skills”, teach you how to do that. These Chapters will provide you with the Foundations necessary to become a proficient skier.

Lesson from Chapter “Turning”

When you are skiing, one of the most important elements that you need to remain in control is how to use your feet to roll your skis on to their edges. A number of the exercises are focused on this, such as Side-Slipping, Stepping to a Stop and Skating. The Body Stance and the Traverse position exercises teach the correct body position when shussing or traversing. Once you have mastered these essential skills and can glide and stop, you should be ready to turn.

The Turning Chapter features two groups of exercises, “Foot Roll Carving” and “Hip Lean Carving” which teach you how to turn your skis with minimal effort, using the shape of the skis to initiate and steer the turns.

Lesson from Chapter “Turn Control”

The two main elements that control your speed are edging & pressure. The exercises in the Chapter “Turn Control”, teach you these important actions. The final Chapter, “Advanced Turns”, prepares you for skiing steeper runs as you will learn to use “unweighting” to execute small, tight turns so that you can turn without building up too much speed. You also will learn how to perform an “Emergency”, or “Ice-Hockey” stop, which is very useful when you want or need to make a very sudden stop.

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