Ski Tips 2

Ski Tips 2 is intended for intermediates and advanced skiers.

To become a good, advanced skier you should be able to carve turns on all the runs on the mountain. The first Chapter teaches how to achieve that. It explains & demonstrates how to execute short & medium radius turns and shows how to ski varied radius turns.

Introduction Clip for SkiTips 2

When you are skiing on the steeper runs, it is very important to be able to always ski in control. The second Chapter teaches the “Jump Turn” & the “Counter Turn”. All skiers should learn these turns as they enable you to check your speed & to execute tight, slow speed turns.

The exercises demonstrated in the third & fourth Chapters teach how to safely ski every type of “bump” or “mogul” that you are liable to encounter on a mountain. You will learn how to turn around bumps & turn over bumps at slow & fast speeds as well as how to ski slush bumps. It also explains the correct body position for bump skiing & how to choose ski lines.

Lesson from Chapter “Advanced Bumps”

Learning how to ski in control on ice & hard snow is necessary as these are conditions that you are sure to encounter throughout the ski season. Learning to ski powder is more of an option. But learning to ski powder will give you the opportunity to ski away from the runs and thus you will be able to enjoy & explore the vast fields, woods and valleys that bound the ski runs. The final Chapter teaches how to ski Ice & Powder.

Lesson from Chapter “Ice and Powder”

This app has been created to be used as both a self teaching aide and as a supplement to ski lessons. If you are having lessons, I recommend that you watch the app before your lessons & then use the app afterwards to practice what you were taught during your lessons. As an intermediate or advanced skier, watching the app is an excellent way to refresh & remind yourself how the different ski manoeuvres should be performed or to learn how to perform the advanced ski manoeuvres that you are interested in learning. This app works very well when used with a friend to help correct each others faults.

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