Ski Tips 3

This App teaches how to ski powder & difficult off-piste snow conditions.

Using freeze frames & slow motion sequences it teaches all the many different ways of initiating & turning in untracked snow and demonstrates the common errors to be avoided. It starts with the down-up-down powder turn, which is the basic turn that every powder skier should master. It then teaches how to turn in difficult snow conditions such as heavy snow, wet snow & breakable crust using Jump Turns, Jet Turns, Anticipation, Banking, Counter turns, Modified avalement & “Punching”.

Introduction Clip from SkiTips3

Lesson from Chapter “Basic Powder Turn

We have also created two special chapters which deal with Safety and Touring. If you only take one thing away from this App then it should be the chapter on Safety. The mountains may be some of the most beautiful places on the planet, but under the wrong conditions they can also be the most dangerous. In this chapter we give a basic introduction to the principal safety issues that you should be familiar with when going off-piste, with particular reference to the use of radio transmitters (‘beeps’) and avalanche rescue techniques.

These days more and more skiers are expanding their horizons and are taking to Ski Touring, especially in Europe where it is possible to ski from one end of the Alps to the other with little more than a backpack and some specialized kit. In this Chapter we introduce the concept of Ski Touring and demonstrate the basic techniques for climbing and touring as well as giving an overview of the equipment you’re going to need.

Lesson from Chapter “Ski Touring

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