Ski Tips for First Timers

This App provides all the relevant information that should help you prepare for a ski or snowboard holiday before you leave home & helps you know what to do when you get to a ski resort. Divided into five chapters it covers subjects like what clothing to wear, how ski resorts function, offers advice on renting skis, boards and boots, describes skilifts, ski runs & ski schools and demonstrates what you should expect to learn during your first week, plus lots more.

The five chapters of this App each present 5 individual topics as follows:

Winter Sports

This chapter explains how ski areas operate and provides general information about skiing, boarding and how ski runs are made and maintained. It also explains the other activities that are available in ski resorts and recommends where to go on your holiday.

The Kit

As is the case with every sport, skiing and boarding require special equipment. This chapter discusses the kit you will require, such as skis, boots, bindings, ski poles and snowboards. It also discusses the value of renting rather than buying the equipment.

The Gear

Because you will be in a mountain environment in the winter, to have an enjoyable time you will need the right clothing and footwear. This chapter discusses the type of clothing you will require to keep warm without being ‘bulked up’. It also explains the importance of having proper ski gloves, sunglasses, ski goggles, ski socks and ski helmets.

On The Slopes

When starting out, it’s important to understand about lift passes, the color schemes of the ski runs, the different types of ski lifts that you will need to ride to get up the mountain, and safety issues, such as knowing about the ski patrol. This chapter covers all of these and more.


Skiing and boarding can be tremendous fun when you do it properly. You’ll have a much happier time and lower the risk of injury if you learn how to ski in control. The best way to learn to do this is to take lessons. This chapter explains about ski schools and ski lessons and demonstrates the progression that you should make in your first week. It also explains the value of using media, such as the Ski Tips Apps, that you can bring out on the slopes with you.

We suggest that you watch the entire App before you go on your skiing or snow boarding holiday so as to gain a basic understanding of the sports, learn how a ski area is organized and learn how to go about getting started. Especially valuable is the chapter ‘The Gear’ that discusses the correct clothing and special gear you will require. Also important are the sections on renting skis or boards & boots and ski school lessons. Bring the App with you and watch it again before you go skiing to get a good understanding of the color coding of the ski runs and to know the different types of ski lifts. It’s also worthwhile to understand the ‘progression’ of the ski school lessons beforehand so that you can see how one step leads to the next and thus make you better prepared when you go to ski school.

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