Snowboard Tips: The Complete Course

Snowboard Tips is an entirely new App for the 2012/2013 Winter Season. It has been created from scratch by Mathieu Bozzetto, one of the greatest Snowboarding athletes of the past twenty years. Mathieu has more than sixty winning or podium places in World Cup skiing, two Silver medals in the FIS World Championships and represented France in 4 Olympic Games, winning Bronze in Vancouver in 2010.

The App comprises 25 individual lessons, each of which is designed to develop or enhance a particular element of skiing technique.


The Exercise Section is structured in a progressive way to enable you to build your technique from session to session. Each Chapter deals with a particular key group of techniques. Work through the Chapters as your expertise develops or as your competence returns.

Each exercise is presented from three media perspectives. A ‘Text’ instruction gives you a textual and contextual description of the exercise; a ‘Video’ Clip shows you how it should be done; and finally an ‘Audio Loop’ talks you through the exercise as you actually ride. Since you will have to put the device into a pocket after pressing the Audio Loop button, we have designed a number of controls to ease the process. A ‘delay’ provides a 1 to 10 second delay before the Voice-Over begins, while a ‘Reps’ setting allows you to choose between 1 to 10 repetitions of the same exercise. You can also ‘lock’ the device during the Audio Loop so that you don’t accidentally stop the player when tucking it into a pocket. You can also vary the audio volume. The various controls can be selected using the ‘Settings’ feature on your device.

We have also created a ‘Play All’ function, where you can watch the video clips for any particular Chapter or watch the entire App, just as you would watch a DVD. Watching a specific chapter in its entirety provides a valuable insight into the whole context of that chapter and thus reinforces the purpose of an individual lesson or exercise.

The Lessons demonstrated in Snowboard Tips cover every level of boarding from beginner right through to expert. Experienced boarders returning to the slopes will benefit from working on the specific techniques in Chapters 4 and 5, while Intermediate riders will want to work on Chapters 2 and 3 before starting to develop their advanced skills. The complete beginner will start in Chapter 1 and move forward through the lessons and Chapters at whatever pace suits them personally.

When first learning to board [Chapter 1] the very first step is simply to stand on the board and try to move it using your upper and lower bodies. You will then learn the sensation of ‘gliding’ on the board without attaching to it, before progressing to the same movements with first one foot attached and then both feet attached to the board. You will then move on [Chapter 2] to learn the core elements which make up all your future development, such as traversing, moving in both directions and on both edges, sideslipping and making simple turns. You will be working on weight distribution between the front and rear leg and on how the upper and lower body work in concert to control the board.

Once you’re able to negotiate the easier slopes in good control, you’ll need to learn a number of specific techniques to handle common situations that you’ll encounter. These include braking, skating, riding button lifts and speed control [Chapter 3]. With all of these techniques in your kitbag you’re ready to move on to some of the fun stuff such as doing ‘Ollies’ and simple jumps, riding ‘switch’ and getting into the powder [Chapter 4]. Each of these requires specific techniques and combinations of movements and they will greatly enhance your overall boarding skill.

Finally you can move on to expert riding [Chapter 5] where you’ll be further developing these skills to be able to do high speed carving, handle steep slopes, ride Boarder Cross circuits and ride in the steep and deep of the back country.

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